Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Spring Special : Curlew's Call

Curlew's Call 4.1%
With Spring just around the corner (hopefully), it's time to brew our Spring special. 

As every good Dalesman knows, when the Curlew returns from it's Winter migration, it's call heard on the moors is one of the first signs that the new season is upon us!

Brewed with the finest Optic pale malt, and a healthy dose of Crystal malt for colour and that all important mouthfeel, this premium bitter features quite a hop punch, packed with a double dosing of powerful American hops, to provide a long, dry, bitter finish.

Curlew's Call should be landing in all your favourite Real Ale houses within the next couple of weeks, and will feature at the Darlington Spring Thing Beer Festival (see earlier post).

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